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Shepherd's Way
Lake Oswego, Oregon
Phone: 503-697-3498
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2018 Litters & Puppies Available:


It will take me a while to get this portion of the website finished but eventually I hope to have a webpage with updates & photos of each litter from Shepherd's Way. Current photos, health information, accomplishments, and stories are always welcome!! The more complete the information on each litter, the more helpful it will be to future owners/breeders for tracking what a particular breeding produced.

In addition, I just like hear about my "babies"!!

  • Brighton ~ Chaz (2001)
    • Sheffield, owned by Lunita Frank in Texas
    • Shooter (aka Red Bank Shooter), owned by Erin Hischke in Wisconsin
    • Raven, our very own Peaslee's Penelope Ravenpaw
    • Maddie, owned by Carrie Popp in Oregon
    • Maggie, owned by the Nelson family in New Mexico
    • Joy, owned by Beth Rice in Arizona
    • Rosie, owned by Stacy Gardooni, in New York
    • Joey, owned by Lisa Cole in California
    • Willie, owned by Cynthia Etter in California
  • Brighton ~ Buddy (2002)
    • Honey, our very own Peaslee's Honey
    • Rusty (aka Cimarron Rustler), owned by Elaine Reynolds in Oklahoma
    • Diva (aka Foley's Diva), owned by Robin Foley in Oregon
    • Sophie, owned by the Smith family in Oregon
    • Buddy, owned by Bruce Hortter in California
    • Dakota, owned by the Arrasmith family in Washington
    • Rikki, owned by Laura Sanborn in California
  • Brighton ~ Rex (2004)
    • Mac, owned by Pat Walters in Texas
    • Cessi, owned by Robin Heinrich in Montana
    • Lucy, owned by Darlene Beckett in Oregon
    • Gracie, owned by Donna Candido in California
    • Flutter (aka Peaslee's Float like a butterfly), owned by Linda Anderson in Minnesota
    • Cowboy, (died in an accident), owned by the Most family in Nebraska
  • Raven ~ Cyrus (2004)
    • Charm, owned by Rosemary Mayers in Oregon
    • Jet, owned by Kristin Kimball in New York
    • Maddie, owned by Colleen Silkwood in California
    • Elvis, owned by Linda & family in Portland, Oregon
    • Juju, owned by Bruce & Christie Holmgren in Oregon
    • Smudge, owned by Jeanette Whitton & Steve Cologne in British Columbia
    • Jake, (died in an accident), owned by Candy Shrewsberry
    • Roxie, owned by McMullen family in Washington
  • Raven ~ Boston (2005)
    • Mace, owned by Kris Hazelbaker in Idaho, available at stud
    • Emma (aka Shepherd's Way Em'ma Star), owned by Kathy Lofthouse in California
    • Pearl (aka Shepherd's Way Sweet LaMint), owned by Bert Jager in Washington
    • Nixie, owned by Jenn Wiegand in Connecticut
    • Riley, owned by Kent Etheridge in Oregon
    • Maggie, owned by the Bird family in Washington
  • Honey ~ Boston (2006)
    • Keeva, owned by Kenny Brink in Iowa
    • Nyssa, owned by Bev Johnson in British Columbia
    • Saucy Sue, owned by Barbara Miketta in Germany
    • Belle, owned by Stacey Rumgay in Oregon
    • Lucas (aka Rimrock Lone Firelight), owned by Carol Greet in Wyoming, available at stud
    • Wheeler, owned by Kristy Muyyson in Canada
    • JD (aka John Day), owned by Willie & Clara Fulkerson in Kentucky, available at stud
    • Dundee, owned by Davenport family in Oregon
    • Jedi, owned by Megan & Cary in California
    • Levi, (aka Apple Blossom Levi), owned by Beth Frakes in Oregon, available at stud
  • Raven ~ Dallas (2008)
    • Gracie, owned by Nancy Houtkooper in Minnesota
    • Belle, aka Shepherd's Way Sunshine Daydream, owned by Shepherd's Way
    • Nikki, owned by the Risdon family in New Mexico
    • Duncan, owned by Eileen Williams in Oregon
    • Zippy, owned by Leslie Johnson in Kansas
    • Marlow, owned by Carrie Popp in Oregon, available at stud
    • Skeeter, owned by Candy Shrewsberry in Maine
  • Honey ~ Cash (2009)
    • Molly, owned by the Sleeper family in Oregon
    • Oakley, owned by the Edwards family in Washington
    • Tupelo, owned by Shepherd's Way
  • Belle ~ Elvis (2012)
    • Timber, owned by Vivian Kay Delk Keziah in North Carolina
    • Pixie, owned by Jennifer Kuehn in California
    • Billie, owned by Kristy & Phil St. Clair in Oregon
    • Ring, owned by Kerry Tienhaara in Oregon, available at stud
    • Bones, owned by Liz Palika in California, available at stud
  • Belle ~ Odie (2013)
    • Boone, owned by Charles Bubbins in New York, available at stud
    • Mia, owned by Melinda Wilson in Georgia
    • Connie, owned by Rebecca Williams in Georgia
    • Gabby, owned by Laurie Waldref in Washington
    • Inga, owned by Janelle Fairwell in Washington
    • Nell, owned by Carla Green in Oregon
  • Belle ~ Cody (2014)
    • Howie, owned by Shepherd's Way, available at stud
    • Poncho, owned by Petra Burke in California
    • Kaiser, owned by the Gehrke family in Oregon
    • Maddy, owned by Trudy Lowery in Oregon
    • Ashley, owned by Annie Lang in California
    • Talia, owned by Deborah Thomas in Oregon
    • Shine, owned by the Eaton family in Oregon
    • Darcy, owned by the Vincent family in Minnesota
  • Pixie ~ Cash (2015)
    • Leif, owned by Jennifer Kuehn in Oregon, available at stud
    • Lark, owned by Toni Duralski in California
    • Tao, owned by Linda Byrne in California
    • Brooke, owned by Sue Yoshioka in California
    • Emmie, owned by Katie O'Connor in Colorado
    • Heath, owned by Kim Snyder in Oregon
    • Charlie, owned by Leesa Joiner in Maine, available at stud
    • Blossom, owned by Cassandra O'Hern in Minnesota
    • Chispa, owned by Heather Bell in Alaska
    • Ceri, owned by Stanley Ward in California
  • Belle ~ Cody (2016)
    • Shire, owned by Shepherd's Way
    • Tango, owned by Petra Burke in California
    • Hero, owned by Liz Palika in California
    • Joe Henry, owned by Rachel Gehrett in Oregon
    • Ike, owned by Julia Wayne in Oregon
    • Kelsa, owned by Kathy Lofthouse in California