Shepherd's Way

Jazz Litter

Belle and Cody's 6 puppies were born June 21 under the waning light of a Strawberry Moon ~ Belle seems to have a penchant for timing her deliveries to coincide with unusual lunar events (Blue Moon, Super Moon, and now a once-in-70-years Strawberry Moon on the shortest night of the year). The naming theme for this litter was selected months ago, however, without consideration of the celestial circumstances. The inspiration comes from a poster at an Inn in Gearhart, Oregon, advertising Jazz legends. "Miles, Mingus and Monk"... perfect. Welcome Miles, Mingus, Monk, King Oliver, Ella, and Nina:

Miles, in honor of Miles Davis... showing off his Jazz Hands

Mingus, in honor of Charles Mingus... cozying up to Kathy Lofthouse

I decided the cross on the back of his neck was a sign that this was the puppy to be known as Monk, in honor of Thelonious Monk

King Oliver, which will probably be shortened to "Ollie". Ollie look very like his older brother -- also named for a king -- Howell the Good.

It's a little hard to appreciate in this photo, but Ollie has a little heart on his chest (tilt your head to the right)

Ella, in honor of Ella Fitzgerald...

And Nina, in honor of Nina Simone...

Life with Newborn Puppies... feed, bathe, nap... lather, rinse, repeat. Hourly.