Shepherd's Way

Jazz Litter ~ week 2

Some photos from the first 2 weeks... puppies are waking up now, eyes open, starting to get steadier on their feet. They are beginning to interact with each other beyond using each other for warmth and as a pillow... today there were a few wrestling matches (short-lived as they both topple over sideways) and even a couple of experimental barks. That being said, most of the photos are of puppies sleeping... that, and eating, take up most of their day!


King Oliver



Ollie again

And Miles...


Howie checking out the pups...

Ollie sitting up

Nina looking over Ollie's back

Mingus checking out a mixing bowl

Ella leaning on Miles

Ella sitting tall

Monk, behind Ella... Mingus, behind Monk

Nina leaning on Miles... Miles is everyone's favorite pillow


Ollie stepping out