Shepherd's Way

Jazz Litter ~ week 3

Some photos from week 3... puppies are starting to interact with each other and the environment, so the task for this week has been providing them with new objects to explore. Toys, boxes, terrain... and, today, the Cone of Shame. It didn't faze them. They have made a few brief forays outside but a majority of their time is spent in their pen in the kitchen, which Belle keeps scrupulously clean. She is a good mother.


Anna, Miles and Ella

Belle and babies

Cheeky pup



Nina and Monk... the look on Nina's face, as though she has heard this joke before...

Ollie and Miles

Ollie on Anna

Ollie confronts The Cone

... and enters fearlessly

Playing in the Cone


Monk & Ella


Miles and Ollie

Nina and Monk, bitey face game begins

Serious Miles

Not so serious Miles

Family Portrait