Shepherd's Way

Jazz Litter ~ week 4

Some photos from week 4... milestones this week include the appearance of teeth, introduction to the puppy yard, first taste of goat's milk, and a brief appearance at Anna's company picnic. The puppies have quadrupled in size since birth and they get faster by the minute. I've started switching my camera setting to "action" photos but even still a lot of shots are slightly out of focus or the puppy is leaping out of the frame!

Ella, early in the week

And Miles

And Nina.

Check out those choppers!

Ella exploring the new object for the morning (baby swing seat)

Laundry basket for transport outside

Meeting of the minds...

Picnic Puppies (Ollie & Miles)


Nina concentrating on her first non-Mom meal

Ella wearing her meal

Belle, helping clean up the dish when the puppies are done

Wait for me!

Ollie enjoying the outdoors

Anna providing instruction and encouragement on the use of the ramp... (to be placed by the doggie door this week)

Thoughtful Nina

Monk conquering the ramp

Sweet Miles

Monk studying the rubber duckies

Ollie exploring the puppy yard

Nina on patrol

Thoughtful moment, Ella

Miles, leaping out of the frame

Nina at twilight... still going strong

Ollie (starting to get sleepy)

Monk, still going but slowing down

Very Tired Nina

Ella fading fast (she was asleep 10 seconds later)

And, Mingus is out

Transporting tired pups back inside