Shepherd's Way

Jazz Litter ~ 4 1/2 weeks

Some photos from middle of week 5 -- because I may be too tired to post anything at the end of the week, after spending 5 days at sheep camp with Howie, Belle and 6 puppies! The puppies were introduced to new toys by some young friends of ours this week. They took their lessons to heart and are having a blast exploring the puppy yard, running in & out the doggie door, climbing over barriers, and playing with trucks. A few short video clips of their adventures to start things off...

Miles' big milestone: The Great Escape
And, Ollie the Engineer: Trucks!

Week 5 ~ Puppy Party!

Ollie enjoying a ride...

Miles on the prowl

Ella meets Emmy

Puppies and Popsicles... doesn't get better than that!

Cash and carry...

Nina and Ollie

Learning to count


Ella and Santi

Learning to carry puppies (two hands!)


Popsicle face

Mr Monk

Mingus taking a nap

Busy mom

Ella listening carefully

Leo and Mingus take on the ramp

Ollie and Belle

Puppies and pink shoes

Mingus conquering the stairs

And then taking another nap

Master Puppy Wrangler!

Sloppy sleepy sit (Nina)

And he's out...