Shepherd's Way

Jazz Litter ~ 8 weeks

It is always hard to say good-bye to puppies but at 8+ weeks they are ready to graduate from life-in-the-litter and move to their new homes. Thankfully, these puppies have an exceptional group of new owners waiting to welcome them and I'm looking forward to hearing about their new adventures.

Puppy Ella will be staying here to follow in her mother's footsteps. After much discussion regarding name possibilities, we have determined that Ella deserves a hobbit name. She has many hobbit-like qualities -- loves eating, socializing and building holes, plus the hairy feet & stout stature -- but we also want to acknowledge her Grandma Raven ("Peaslee's Penelope Ravenpaw") and Great Grandma Brighton (whose parents - Mersey and Jedburgh - had place names). So, puppy Ella will now be called "Shire" as in 'of the Shire' and registered as Peaslee's Elanor Proudfoot -- a fine hobbit name with allusions to her litter name, her grandma, and her country of origin.

Shepherd's Way Little Tango (Miles)...Tango will be living in southern California with Petra & Poncho

Peaslee's Elanor Proudfoot (Ella, now "Shire")...staying here at Shepherd's Way

Peaslee's Ike of Abbey Ridge (Monk)...enjoying life as both a vineyard dog, in Dundee, and a dog-about-town in Portland

Looking contemplative...possibly wondering when we'll address the overgrown weeds around our back steps

Shepherd's Way Joe Henry (Mingus)... Joe Henry gets to be a farm dog in Oregon with an ES big sister as mentor

What happens when you set your drink down out back...

Shepherd's Way Over the Moon (Nina, now "Kelsa")... happy to learn they have persimmons in California

Shepherds Way A Star Trek Hero (Ollie)... Hero will be living in California with Liz & "Bones"