Shepherd's Way

Midsummer Litter: Week Two and a Half

More photos! Lots! The puppies change so rapidly at this stage that it is hard to keep up (photographically) with their progress. Eyes are now open, voices have been discovered, legs are starting to work, and pups are starting to "play" with each other.

Litha (who just got her face washed)




Juno Jousting with Tarot

Tarot Bites Back

Tarot Claims Victory

Tarot, Hanwi and Rune ... Hanwi has cleverly positioned herself to hide her extra weight

Less Flattering View of Hanwi - for obvious reasons, she makes a very good pillow

Rune Plotting Evil... while his sister sleeps


...he's got her pinned

... and now for the grip

The Hapless Victim

Settles down on the turtle...

And goes back to sleep