Shepherd's Way

Midsummer Litter: Week Five

Last Sunday, I loaded up the car (a rather small car) with 4 dog crates, 3 x-pens, camping gear, supplies for one week (dog food, bedding...), and 8 dogs. When I was done cramming everything in, it looked like one of those clown cars you see at the circus packed with an improbable number of clowns; hard to believe you could fit so much in. Then we headed off to spend a week with dozens of people and scores of dogs at herding camp. The puppies were simply along for the ride, of course, but they learned a thing or two and made some new friends. Hanwi's blonde hair and curvy physique immediately earned her a new nickname; Juno and Litha learned to tie shoes (photographic proof below); Rune discovered that if you make enough noise Auntie Kay will share her dinner with you... and all the pups experienced the sights, sounds, and smells of a sheep farm on a very busy week in July.

I don't actually have a lot of photos of the puppies from camp -- believe it or not, when they were out I had my hands full just keeping them out of trouble! I got some photos this morning, however, to supplement the handful from camp:


Learning To Tie Shoes

Juno (and Rune)

Hanwi, aka "Marilyn"

Tarot listening carefully

Litha running with leaf

Kay, how could you leave without me?


Bird's Eye View of Tarot

Litha watching the sun rise

Juno... she's got legs!


Rune meets his older sister, Timber

Timber, Rune, Hanwi and a hopeful Tarot

Why did the puppies come tumbling out their doggie door..?
(look at the reflection in the glass)