Shepherd's Way

Midsummer Litter: Week Seven

Lots of action shots this week!

"Though she be but little, she is fierce..." (Mia)

Look what I can do! (Hanwi)

Run Juno, Run


Puppy, heel thyself... (Rune & Litha)

Toting Tarot

Hanwi chilling out

Hot Dog (Tarot)

That's an Oregon puppy... (moss, holly, mud, Mia)

Fixing to dig a hole (Juno & Litha)

"Aren't they getting too old for this..?" (Belle)

Puppy tail photobomb (Hanwi and... Rune?)

Thoughtful Mia

Rune throws down on Juno...

"I think this means I win" (Juno on top)

Nose deep in nature (Juno & Hanwi)

We like to chew (Juno)

Mia meets ducks

Tarot sizing up the situation

Camo-puppy (Rune)

More views of Mia...

Not so fierce face

Game face

Stop taking pictures and play! (Rune)