Shepherd's Way

Midsummer Litter: Week Eight - Nine

Puppies are ready for the next step in life and have started leaving for their new homes... this is very hard (for me)!

Tarot... patient, cuddly
Tarot, now "Gabby", has joined the Waldref family (and Mose, the Labrador) on Halfmoon ranch in west/central Washington state.

Juno... confident, playful
Juno, now "Nell", moved down the road to Sweet Home Farm with Carla, Mike and Lucy (ES) Green.

Litha... lively, social
Litha, now "Inga", moved to Stone Cottage Farm in Washington with Bo, Janelle & Naomi

Mia... thoughtful, calm

Mia and her sister Hanwi left for Georgia this week. Mia will be living on a small farm in Adairsville.

Hanwi... smart, independent

Hanwi will be joining the Williams family and her uncle "Zippy" on Many Fold farm in Palmetto, Georgia.

Rune... the escape artist
Rune!! will be living in New York with the Bubbins family on a dairy farm that has been part of their family since 1853.

Photos from the Bubbins' family album - (going back to 1910)

New Owners & Their Pups

Singing some Roony Tunes

Hanwi's Hide-Out

Now she's "Nell" (heading off to her new home)

Learning to love ranch life (Tarot/ Gabby)

Hanwi and Belle
...sharing some parting words of advice

...followed by one last maternal mauling

Belle, Mia & Hanwi

Puppy attack

Gotta good stick

... and a well-used ball

"Think you can take me..?"

... nice try

Mia meets Dolly

Looking ahead