Shepherd's Way

Photos from Northwest English Shepherd Gathering, 2015

The 2015 NW Gathering was hosted by Connie Debusschere at her beautiful farm in Sweet Home, Oregon. I only managed to get photos of a fraction of the participants -- there was a lot to do, beautiful scenery to enjoy, and many many friendly people & dogs to meet. Thank you Connie for organizing such a fun day!

Kris Hazelbaker's Mace

Annie Lang's Ashley (recognized as the first Versatility Champion at the event -- congratulations Annie and Ashley!!)

Barbara Sorg and her boy, Dash

Kris and Mace checking out obstacles on the barnyard agility course

Jennifer Kuehn's Pixie

Petra Burke and Poncho in the farm dog challenge...

Liz Palika's Bones

Mary, Annie and Petra with littermates Howie, Annie, and Poncho

Carla Green's Lucy

Melissa Van Loon's Dually

Melissa Duffy's River

Annie and Ashley on the farm dog challenge course

Carla Green's Whistle

Joan McClenny's Nelson

Toni Duralski and Gemma searching for eggs in the farm dog challenge

Matt Benton and Thorn searching for eggs

Thorn politely greeting a stranger/ customer on the course

Petra's Poncho reflecting on his day

Toni Duralski's puppy, Lark

Joan Oakes' Derri

Mace running the barnyard agility course...

Checking in with Kris...

And flashing a smile at the audience... showing the older boys still have what it takes! (Mace's 10th birthday is this week)

Annie's Ashley... ready for a nap!

Howie the Happy Hound... looking forward to next year!