Shepherd's Way

Dogs 2006
Family Photo, 2006: Honey, Brighton, Dover, Raven (with her eyes closed)

Resident Dogs of Shepherd's Way:

HTCH Peaslee's Sunshine Daydream, HRD III, HTAD III, HTD III, CGC

Belle is from Raven's last litter, by Jarratt's Dallas, born in 2008 --
click here to see Belle's description, pedigree and photos.

HTCH Peaslee's Howell the Good, RLF III, HTAD III, HRD III, HTD III, ORT bca, CGC

Howie is from Belle's third litter, by Banks' Cody Boy, born in 2014 --
click here to see Howie's description, pedigree and photos.

Peaslee's Elanor Proudfoot, HRD I, HTAD I, JHD, CGC

Shire is from Belle's June 2016 litter by Banks' Cody Boy
click here to see Shire's description, pedigree and photos.

Gone But Not Forgotten:


Memorial: Peaslee's Dover, 1994 - 2009

Dover was our first English Shepherd, born in 1994, and the dog that started Shepherd's Way. You can read my tribute to Dover's Job here, as well as a description, photos, and pedigree. Dover was a Very Good Dog.


Memorial: Peaslee's Brighton, 1996 - 2012

Brighton was Dover's younger sister and the matriarch of our dog pack, born in 1996 --
click here for Brighton's description, pedigree and photos


Memorial: HTCH, WTCH Peaslee's Tupelo, 2009 - 2013

Tupelo was from Honey's last litter, born in 2009, lost in 2013. He overcame many challenges and taught me many things, including the truth of Kipling's warning...
"...Brothers and sisters I bid you beware
Of giving your heart to a dog to tear."

click here to see Tupelo's description, photos and pedigree.


Memorial: Peaslee's Penelope Ravenpaw, HRD III, 2001 - 2016

Raven was from Brighton's first litter. She was beautiful, kind, and extremely sincere.
click here to see Raven's description, pedigree and photos.


Memorial: HTCH Peaslee's Honey, 2002 - 2019

Honey was out of Brighton's second litter. She was sensitive, resilient, biddable; a dog with an enormous heart and incredible loyalty.
click here to see Honey's description, pedigree and photos.