Shepherd's Way


A Shepherd's Dog

Excerpt from The American Stock Journal: Vol 1
published in 1860

"A friend of ours who owns a large ranch and several hundred head of sheep, is the fortunate possessor of one of the best dogs in this State. The intelligent creature was brought up among the sheep, nourished upon ewes' milk, his whole life being passed with the flock and devoted to its defence. He has been taught to open and shut the fold into which they are driven at night, and he cares for them with all the apparent thoughtfulness that a human creature could display. In the morning, when the flock is driven to the field, he goes with it, selects some commanding place, and watches the sheep during the whole day, driving up the stragglers, and allowing no one but those with whom he is acquainted to approach them. Should an ewe drop a lamb and pass on with the herd without noticing it, as she sometimes will, he has been known to take it up, and carrying it after her, compel her to take care of it. At night he drives the sheep into the pen, fastens the door after him, and seating himself in their midst, lays watching them all night. In the morning he unfastens the door, drives out his charge to the pasture, and keeps watch and ward until night comes. In fact, so faithful is he, that his master frequently absents himself from the ranch for days together, with perfect reliance upon his dog, to find all safe when he returns."

California Paper.

Thank-you, Linda Rorem, for sharing this excerpt!