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Peggy"We got our English Shepherd, Peggy, from Fairview Kennels in Cedar Falls, Iowa, in 1958. She came to us via Railway Express, in an orange crate! I wish I had a picture of Peggy standing up but you can see those eyes - so much kindness there! Peggy was so very special. When my daughter Pauline was about 5 and her brother, Wayne was 2.5, we all moved to southern Indiana and lived, temporaily, close to 3 small, very deep, lakes. One morning the children were just outside the door, playing, I thought; when I went to check on them - no kids! I called for Peggy (as she was their nursemaid and stayed right with them) and she came to me quickly but her front feet and legs were wet! I'm not a swimmer so I guess she could hear the panic in my voice. When I asked "Where's Pauline? Where's Wayne?" she really did the "Lassie" thing and led me to them - dipping their toes in the closest lake!"
~ Lunita Frank, Cleveland, Texas