Shepherd's Way
Emma & Bracken

Clubs and Organizations

Breed Groups

United English Shepherd Association - membership club formed in 2005 to promote English Shepherds in affiliation with the UKC.

National English Shepherd Rescue - nonprofit organization that helps to place English Shepherds in need of new homes.

Stockdogs, Herding, Training

American Herding Breed Association - membership association dedicated to supporting and promoting working stock dogs. AHBA sanctions herding and ranch trials and licenses judges.

Other Dog Sports Organizations... will add contacts here soon!

Training & Educational Resources

Books and other Publications

Books -- I love books, especially old books, but will limit my list...

  • Stockdog Savvy by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle -- look closely and you will find several photos of my "Honey" in this book!
  • Moving 'Em by Burt Smith
  • The Farmer's Dog by John Holmes
  • How to Raise a Puppy You can Live With by Rutherford & Neil
  • The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell
  • Child-Proofing Your Dog by Brian Kilcommons
  • How Animals Talk by William Long
  • Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin


Herding Related:

  • Lynn Leach's video series from Downriver Farm
  • Tim Taylor's video series on starting a stock dog
  • Jerry Rowe's video series from Twin Creek Productions
  • Low Stress Cattle Handling from the Cattle Learning Center

Obedience: Obedience without Conflict by Ivan Balabanov

Trainers & Clinicians

Herding Training (mostly west coast, but many travel!)

  • Elsie Rhodes
  • Karen Childs
  • Dave and Trudy Viklund
  • Linda Rorem
  • Barbara Davenport
  • Larry Painter
  • George Costas

Online Resources


Pedigree Database - Pedigree information, photos, health information, and owner descriptions of dogs. Any English Shepherd owner can submit information to be included in the database; old family photos and records are particularly valuable.

Herding on the Web - outstanding collection of information on herding breeds, their history, and more.

Working Aussie Source - notable for many things but in particular check out the Stock Dog Library, which has a great collection of articles on training, and the Working Dog Diary.

Litte Hats - Website with basic info on herding, slanted towards Border Collie handlers (or wannabes) but fun to read and helpful.

Discussion Forums

General Interest - there are quite a few discussion forums on Facebook and an evergrowing list of other options on social media... when I've had a chance to sort through these, I'll post my favorites!

Working Dog Discussion Lists - again, there are several, so I will only include my personal favorites:

  • American Herding Breed Association (AHBA)- to subscribe, visit group website and follow directions for signing on.

Breeder Forum - privately owned list, limited to English Shepherd breeders. Contact listowner if you are interested in joining.

Facebook, Blogs, and Miscellaneous Articles

The number of social media sites and blogs increases daily (if not hourly). I personally don't have time to follow very many but will list a few that I find consistently worth making time for!