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One of the keys to long term breed health is avoiding the "popular sire" phenomenon. By listing stud dogs that other breeders may not be aware of, and that have not been widely used, I hope to make it easier for breeders to keep a diversity of bloodlines available in each generation. Please let me know of dogs that deserve to be listed! Dogs below are listed by birthdate, oldest - youngest.

Shepherd's Way Mace
Birthdate: September 4, 2005
PennHIP DI = 0.22 / 0.35, MDR-1 normal/normal
Bred by Mary Peaslee
Sire: Thomas' Char-Gin Dersam Boston
Dam: Peaslee's Penelope Ravenpaw
Owned by Kris Hazelbaker, Idaho

Mace really, really wants to help, whether that is in being a rules enforcer or moving cattle. He is always ready to go - hiking, stock work, playing, or riding to town. In addition to stock work (both cattle and sheep) at home, he has a level 1 ranch dog herding title from AHBA. He has a lot of focus, drive, and intensity in whatever he does.

Farm's Pride Renegade
Birthdate: June 3 2007
Hips: Ontario Veterinary College - Pass (pass or fail no rating system)
Bred By Barbara Brown
Sire: Shepherd's Way Wheeler
Dam: Brown's Gyp at Farm's Pride
Owned by Josie & Barry Ogaick, Melbourne, Ontario, Canada


Jake of Hunter's Trail
Birthdate: July 9, 2007
PennHIP DI = 0.42 / 0.42, MDR-1 normal/normal
Bred by Steve & Sheil Heist
Sire: Knox's Strider du Prairie
Dam: Jenny's of Forrest Run
Owned by William Clark, Virginia


Shepherd's Way Marlow
Birthdate: June 2, 2008
OFA good;
Clear for CEA, PRA-prcd, MDR-1; carrier for DM
Bred by Mary Peaslee
Sire: Jarratt's Dallas
Dam: Peaslee's Penelope Ravenpaw
Owned by Carrie Popp, Oregon
~ AI available~


Flyby's Blazing Star
Birthdate: June 12, 2008
PennHIP DI= 0.25 / 0.27
Bred by Beverly Loland
Sire: Jubilee Jewels Old King Cole
Dam: Jubilee Jewels Texas Contessa
Owned by Beverly Johnson, British Columbia, Canada


Snowy River He's a Keeper (aka "Bill")
Birthdate: February 13, 2009
OFA excellent, MDR-1 normal/normal
Bred by Connie Debusschere
Sire: Porter's Cyrus Jim
Dam: Snowy River's Yellow Rose
Owned by Marianne Dwight, Massachusetts

Maple Grove Farm's Beau
Birthdate: December 22, 2009
OFA Excellent
Bred by Kay Delk-Keziah
Sire: Jarratt's Dallas
Dam: Timber Ridge Holden's Hattie
Owned by Louis Anderson, Jr., New York

Busta's Tank

Birthdate: February 2, 2010
PennHIP DI = 0.57/0.58
DNA tests: MDR-1 normal/normal, CEA normal/normal, PRA-prcd normal/normal
Bred by Sue Hagle
Sire: Shepherd's Way Mace
Dam: Hetzner's Mona
Owned by Ginger Busta, Idaho

Tank is a solid dog, physically and mentally; he has a friendly, laid-back, moderately soft temperament. When asked to work, he shows focus, tenacity, moderate eye, and has a natural gather.

Bear of Bonny Eagle Farm
Birthdate: July 5, 2011
Hips OFA good, Elbows OFA normal
Sire: Beauregard of Appleyard
Dam: Earth Angels Molly
Owned by Catharine Mosley, Maine

Mr. Darcy Dunadan Du Prairie

Birthdate: January 16. 2012
OFA Good, MDR-1 normal/ normal
Bred by Teri Knox
Sire: McCullough's Tex
Dam: Knox's Jane Du Prairie
Owned by Bill and Teri Knox, Ohio

Shepherd's Way Dr. McCoy (aka "Bones")
Birthdate: August 31, 2012
OFA Good
DNA tests: normal/ normal for MDR-1, CEA, PRA-prcd, Cone degeneration (A), and cardiomyopathy
Bred by Mary Peaslee
Sire: Carrington-Gray's Elvis
Dam: Peaslee's Sunshine Daydream
Owned by Liz Palika, Oceanside, California
Bones is an intelligent, happy dog who loves to work. He's a problem solver who prefers to think about stuff before charging into it. At 2 years old, he is still filling out -- he is approximately 19-20" at shoulder & 40 lbs (well muscled, very lean). He is a certified therapy dog.

White Oak's Flashing the Charm

Birthdate: October 19, 2013
PennHIP DI = 0.34 / 0.31, OFA Good
DNA tests -- Normal/normal for MDR-1, CEA, PRA-prcd, DM
Bred by Rebecca Wingler
Sire: MapleGroveFarm's Rimrock Drover
Dam: Wingler's White Oak Kira
Owned by Rachel Smith, California

Peaslee's Howell the Good
Birthdate: April 8, 2014
PennHIP DI = 0.32/ 0.35, OFA Good
DNA tests all normal/normal: MDR-1, CEA, PRA-prcd, DM
Coat Color DNA: carries sable (Ay), tanpoint (at), black (K), tan (e);
        Does not carry dilute (d) or liver/brown (b)
Sire: Banks' Cody Boy
Dam: Peaslee's Sunshine Daydream
Bred & owned by Mary Peaslee, Oregon

KC'S Green Mountain Conrad
Birthdate: January 27, 2015
PennHIP DI = 0.31/ 0.26
MDR-1 normal/normal; CEA carrier (mutant/normal);
clear by pedigree for DM, PRA-prcd
Bred by Savannah Curtis
Sire: Green Mountain's Prince Charming
Dam: Wilson's Green Mountain Roxie
Owned by Kacy Pogue, Oregon